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The popularity of the real property industry has grown in a global economy full of opportunities, challenges and results.  Due to the complex nature of real property transactions in Nigeria, we understand these challenges and we provide the necessary legal advice to protect the opportunities and interests of our clients in their residential and commercial property transactions. We advise estate managers, investors, developers, contractors, small, and large businesses on all types of real property transactions and matters including construction, acquisition, ownership, leasing, financing and commercial, industrial, mixed-use and multi-family property operations.

We provide our clients with effective legal representation on real property matters irrespective of the location, size, needs, or time constraints of any transaction in Nigeria. We have built long-standing relationships with many clients and sector operators in Nigeria, and we also advise clients on the potential opportunities and emerging trends in Nigeria’s property sector including the uses of technology to help them advance their business interests.

The constant demand for affordable housing in Nigeria provides potential opportunities to investors in the sector either through conventional or green construction methods. Alternative green construction technology methods are gradually being deployed to address this housing market demand. We also support clients operating in the green construction sector to understand the evolving green construction issues, compliance, certification and sustainability matters.

Our services include;

  • Due diligence
  • Purchase and Sale of Real Property assets
  • Residential and commercial property development
  • Real Property finance including mortgages
  • Perfection of leases and other title documentation
  • Project Development and Construction
  • Permits and regulatory compliance
  • Green construction and sustainability matters

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