Commercial LawMining

Minerals are fundamental components for a multitude of products and solutions including batteries, pharmaceuticals, asphalt, construction materials, livestock feed and power generation. The diversification of Nigeria’s economy towards a non-oil export-based economy creates opportunities for mining industry operators as important contributors to manufacturing and the economic development in the country.  The country has over 40 minerals including coal, lead-zinc, tin, gold, limestone, Colombo-tantalite, gemstones and bitumen in over 200 occurrences.

We provide valuable advice to clients through our understanding of the mining business, the knowledge of the legal, regulatory and environmental framework and the local terrain. We recognize that each deal is different, and we navigate you through the complex maze of environmental, land use, employment, transactional, project development, host community and financial hurdles.

Our services include;

  • Mining assets due diligence investigations
  • Exploration and mining titles licensing and permit documentation
  • ESG and mine safety compliance and reporting requirements
  • Joint development of exploration and mining operations
  • Mining property acquisition
  • Mining transactional documentation and agreements
  • Mineral processing and export permit applications
  • Project finance, tax and incentive matters
  • Corporate and supply chain transaction matters

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