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December 15, 20210

While there’s no way to legally avoid your crypto taxes, there are strategies that you can use to reduce them. Typically, you’ll recognize income when you earn cryptocurrencies. We‘re crypto tax calculation software, but we’re also a full-service crypto tax accounting firm. An asset staked using DeFi can be viewed as a taxable crypto-to-crypto exchange. For instance, if you get stETH after depositing ETH, you will either make a profit or lose money on your investment, depending on how the value of your crypto has changed.

crypto tax uk software

The new pool total would be 1.5 bitcoin at a total pool cost basis of £20,000, or a cost basis of £13,333.33 per bitcoin. Koinly is often our top pick for the best crypto tax software, as they service both simple and complex crypto tax situations and are available in most countries. Accointing is a very powerful and user-friendly tool for tracking your portfolio and generating tax reports.

Tax Compliance. No Compromises.

Luckily the price hasn’t recovered, so – in effect – you’ve completely avoided your tax liability on your Bitcoin gains while not diminishing your Tesla position. The only way to legally avoid paying taxes on crypto is to relocate to a country that does not tax crypto. Check out our article on Top Tax Friendly Crypto Countries to learn which countries have favourable crypto tax treatment. It is not advisable to try and hide crypto taxes as many exchanges now enforce KYC and have agreements with local tax authorities.

You will also get updated information about the realized and unrealized gains, reports for taxes, and much more. If you’re a professional crypto investor in need of a reliable tax calculator, ZenLedger might be a perfect fit. It supports many exchanges, crypto assets, and fiat currencies. ZenLedger’s dashboard is simple, making it easy for non-technical people to navigate the platform and calculate their taxes without any trouble. As such, general users will likely be happy when choosing either of these services. On the other hand, day traders, tax professionals and large-scale investors will likely need to choose a platform that offers unlimited transaction processing and dedicated customer support.


The Advanced Tax Solution is priced at $130 per year, and includes support for up to 5,000 transactions and most other features. CoinTraking’s main selling points include personal portfolio analysis, trade imports, tax declarations, coin charts, coin trends, professional customer support, and effective customer security. The platform also offers a CPA suite for accountants that collaborate with cryptocurrency holders. As a result, via this interface, CPAs can obtain an integrated overview of their clients’ portfolios, in a tidy manner that’s bound to reduce the workload. High Volume Trader, which is priced at $199, is meant for professional traders, and therefore features support for 5,000 traders.

  • If the activity does not amount to a trade, the pound sterling value of any tokens received will be taxable as income .
  • In most jurisdictions, the sale of crypto assets is taxed as capital gains and active trading can sometimes be taxed as income.
  • Accointing lets you integrate with numerous exchanges and wallets with API keys.
  • It is one of the most accurate crypto tax software solutions for investors and accountants.
  • Sending bitcoin is as easy as choosing the amount to send and deciding where it goes.How do I receive bitcoin?
  • If you own or have traded cryptocurrencies, you may need to include these in your tax forms, even if you didn’t make any money.

Delivering a very high standard of accuracy at an affordable fixed price, Cointelli lets you stop wasting time and take the stress out of calculating your taxes. Cointelli uses unique technology to help individuals, businesses, and CPAs plan their crypto tax savings. We specialize in helping you reap the most crypto tax benefits possible. Blockpit offers the right crypto compliance solution for you.

Is TaxBit safe?

This software is already programmed, so it becomes easy for crypto traders to use it and file their taxes without technical knowledge. You can be liable for both capital gains and income tax depending on the type of cryptocurrency transaction, and your individual circumstances. For example, you might need to pay capital gains on profits from buying and selling cryptocurrency, or pay income tax on interest earned when holding crypto. Some cryptocurrency tax software tools also allow you to download more comprehensive reports of your portfolio’s performance and overall transactions. Coinpanda is a leading solution for crypto tax calculations and filing such taxes with authorities. It has direct integration with more than 500+ exchanges, supporting over 12,000+ cryptocurrencies, wallets, and blockchains.

They currently support 300+ exchanges and 8000+ cryptocurrencies. In addition, this platform tracks your portfolio performance and helps you manage it to gain maximum. Like the others on this list, you can use this tool if your country supports FIFO, LIFO, and HIFO reporting methods.

Of course, you will subtract the sum, which is Capital Gains tax-free allowance, e.i. Over 100,000 users have utilized the platform’s more than 150 million transactional activities. Some of the best tax software for beginners are Koinly, CoinTracking, and Accointing. Yes, Blockfit is safe to use, and all the exchanges are connected through an API key that does not permit withdrawals. It uses encryption and read-only access to keep all the information safe.

How is DeFi staking rewards taxed?

Unlimited comes with a price tag of $299 per tax season, and offers clients unlimited trades and access to the platform’s tools and services. In terms of how it works, Bear.Tax takes on a similar approach to most other market competitors. Thus, users must first import their trades via either an API integration of file upload.

The automated data import is available via either an API exchange connection or by adding cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Data on margin trading, futures trading, staking, lending and DeFi can also be imported. The crypto ecosystem has given rise to a need for new technology solutions to support reporting and audits. Today’s disposals are treated as a single transaction of 1 bitcoin for £18,000.

Another thing that sticks out is the outstanding standard of customer service provided by ZenLedger. Every day of the week, its pros are available via phone, chat, and email at all times. After connecting your exchanges to Blockpit through an API key, you can enable auto-sync, and all displayed information will be in real-time. TaxBit allows all the Pro users to schedule an annual phone call with a CPA to review their forms before filing.

Did my taxes in a few hours and going to my tax guy tomorrow. Step 2) You should look for the best cryptocurrency tax software which ensures the safety of your data. 6) Coinpanda – Best for Its speed to calculate your taxes and capital gains. It can automatically generate different tax reports using the data you provided in minutes. Allows you to import data from exchanges and wallets with support for JSON, PDF, CSV, Excel, and XML file formats. You can also integrate your tax reports with standard accounting tools such as CCH, Drake Accounting, and TurboTax among others.

crypto tax uk software

One can upload entries and preview the capital gain/loss without paying anything. In addition, you can add unlimited exchanges and sync your DeFi transactions. The platform also connects cryptocurrency traders/investors with professional accountants, in case extra help is needed when filing this year’s taxes. Currently, Accointing offers unlimited exchange and wallet connections for all price plans, unlike some of its competitors.

Crypto tax reports in an instant

Everything you need to easily submit your tax return, from one convenient location. Import and categorise all types of complex crypto trading activity. Trusted by industry leading British accountants who value detailed and accurate reports.

Best Crypto

Crypto tax calculators come in handy when you deal with a lot of different crypto transactions . Here is a list of crypto tax software that have ability to create dedicated reports for the UK citizens. Crypto to crypto trades are classed as a taxable disposal and should be treated for capital gains tax. ZenLedger crypto how to avoid crypto taxes UK tax software is best for crypto traders and tax professionals who need a way to simplify the process of crypto tax accounting during this new wave of decentralized finance . To begin with, it provides two types of services- one specifically for crypto tax calculations and the other to handle all your tax filing needs.

ZenLedger crypto tax software supports over 400+ exchanges, including 100+ DeFi protocols, and 10+ NFT platforms.

3 ETH from March 15th and 2 ETH from March 20th will be matched to the 5 ETH disposed of on March 1st. This creates a capital gain of £1,500 (£10,000 – £4,500 – £4,000). Since the remaining 1 ETH from March 20th cannot be matched, it is added to the pool, which is now 6 ETH and a total pooled cost of £7,000. Exchanging crypto assets for a different type of crypto asset. The free version here is great as it provides full platform functionality for up to 20 transactions, and the platform is available to users anywhere in the world. In addition, full-service tax preparations are available to those in the USA and Canada.

Although cryptos are a relatively young asset, their rules are still being developed. Whether they are exchange tokens, utility tokens, or security tokens, crypto assets are not regarded as a form of money by HMRC. However, how the tokens are utilized will determine whether they are subject to tax. It is in your best interest to report crypto losses as they can be claimed against future capital gains for up to four years. This can be done via self assessment if you need to file for another reason or by letter to HMRC. Yes, HMRC have confirmed that cryptoassets are taxable in the UK.

The traditional technology you are using is not built for crypto assets.

Next are long-term capital gains taxes, in which the assets are held for over a year before selling them. In this case, the rate of taxes ranges from 0% to 20%, depending on your income. There’s no guarantee of what will or will not happen if you fail to file your cryptocurrency taxes with HMRC. However, it’s recommended to stay compliant by properly filing all of your capital gains and income.

In this scenario, your realized amount is £2,200 and your cost basis is £1,500, so your capital gain is £700 per ETH, or £10,500 (15 x £700). CoinTracking has a web-based solution which allows for the easy connection to exchanges via an API, or through CSV files. This allows CoinTracking to display the complete trading history of a user, and determine profits, losses, and taxes owed in real-time. Final reports can be generated in a number of formats, including CSV, PDF, XLS, XML, and JSON.

You can keep track of your capital gains and trading performance. This crypto tax tracking software allows You to track your portfolio across your wallets & accounts. If you can’t find your exchange among the hundreds supported by Koinly, you can simply download and import CSV or Excel files instead. Koinly can import such files without having to make manual changes to them. Tracking your trades and calculating taxes on Koinly is very simple and easy. When it comes to exchanges, traders have many options to choose from.

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